About us

Jesi and Sam of Canary Kids Club laughing while sitting on a white couch

We're Sam and Jesi, two moms with a dream in common: finding better ways to share and learn skills for life, and do it by reusing things that already exist all around us.

What started as a collaboration of 2 existing businesses (@junebird.ca x @phoenixpreworn) has now become a whole new thing ready to hatch on its own.

We believe kids need fun opportunities to play, learn, and grow in a quiet, calm way. A chance to slow down and unplug. To make things with our hands, together.

Sadly, toys and crafts for kids often end up going unused or turned into landfill waste. So we're designing our kits to focus on hands-on social and emotional learning activities - without the overwhelming clutter and waste. 

Because nothing is more important to us than our kids. And caring for the earth they'll one day inherit is one of the best ways to show we care.