Our Mission

We believe that every child should have access to materials to help them navigate the world of emotions; giving them a sense of security and self-worth, so they can grow up into world-changers.

We believe in nurturing children's confidence and resilience, and providing a space for them to explore their emotions through play.

We also want you, as the parent or caretaker, to feel confident in your ability to support your child’s emotional development.  It is important that both children and grownups work together on this journey.  Our mission is to take all the best research on emotional development and give you a way to put it into practice.


Jesi and Sam of Canary Kids Club laughing while sitting on a white couch

Meet the founders

Here’s Jesi, mom of two. She’s been an animal hospital worker, an environmental activist, a survivor of domestic violence, and a dedicated student of yoga and meditation, and a patient advocate. These efforts made her realize both how essential and how difficult it is to learn to navigate our internal world, and relate to others effectively. She delights in reading and then translating the latest science into engaging, hands-on experiences.

Meet Sam, mother of two, designer, and self-taught maker. When her second child arrived during the Covid pandemic, she found a self-care haven in making her own up-cycled baby accessories. Just creating and sewing simple things brought her out of a dark time. She knows how powerful play can be when it comes to good mental health.

What brought us together? We want to live in a world where children's emotional growth receives the same amount of attention as their physical and intellectual development.

What also drives us

We know that toys for children are often used for only a short term of time.  Things ends up in the landfill, while there is lots of life left in it.

So, we're designing our kits to focus on a fun play experience - without the waste. Our products are curated to contain as much upcycled, biodegradable or durable material as possible.

Our kits can grow with your kids. Younger children can begin to build an understanding of emotions, while older children can put the techniques into practice.  There is something to discover at all ages, meaning the play kits can be used longer than trendy games or toys.

Nothing is more important to us than our kids, and the future earth they will inherit.  Being able to play and learn in a sustainability in mind, is a great way to show we care for people and the planet.