Jesi and Sam of Canary Kids Club laughing while sitting on a white couch


We believe that some of the most important life skills we can learn are knowing how to manage our emotions and how to connect with others in a healthy way.

And kids learn by playing, by doing, by using their active imagination.

That's why we've designed our kits to be the most fun way your child develop these essential skills for life.

Most of us never learned this stuff as kids! And many of us still have a lot to learn. Let's do it together.

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    Kids with well-developed fine motor skills, open-ended creative outlets, and daily opportunities to self-soothe are more successful at school and life.

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    Our foundation

    All our activities are designed to support:

    • small motor development
    • sensory processing
    • social-emotional regulation
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    About us

    We’re 2 moms who care about helping kids grow in a way that’s also kind to the earth.

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