our commitment to the planet

Image on green background showing a pair of adult hands passing a model of the planet earth into a child's hands

How we live our values

As we like to say, "even little changes can lead to big results," so we want our choices to have a  positive effect on the environment. So in our product and business practices, we are committing to making choices which place as little burden on the planet as possible.

We use materials and items that are already in circulation, source new items otherwise distended for a landfill, and minimize including new materials and parts whenever we can. Here are a few of the ways we do that: 

We upcycle

Upcycling is taking an item previously used for one purpose and changing into something new. For example, we take clothes and blankets that have outlived their usefulness and turn them into parts and pieces in our activities. 

We rescue

This means sourcing products or items that people or businesses no longer need, and saving them from being thrown in the landfill. These are typically items that are overstocked or out of season, which companies don’t have the capacity to store. 

We use off cuts & dead stock

When a clothing producer finishes a production run of items, there is often leftover material on rolls of fabric - but it’s not enough material to be worth saving for future production.  Similarly, with material off-cuts, pieces are too small for what the original manufacturer needs, but these sections/pieces are the right size for us.

We go light on packaging

When it comes to getting your box from us to you, we choose low-waste options and include the minimum amount of single-use material.

This is just the beginning

We realize we're just one little company, but we also know how much you care about preventing waste. Our hope is that we can continue to improve as we learn, and be part of the growing movement toward true circular design and zero waste practices.

Do you know about something more we could be doing? Tell us! We want to hear all your suggestions for making our products more sustainable. 

Contact us at hello@canarykidsclub.ca with your ideas, or tag us on social @canarykidsclub with pics of cool ways you're reusing/upcycling your box!