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Belonging & Identity: My Mini World

Belonging & Identity: My Mini World

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Our world is made up of the important people in our lives. This play set* allows us to create that world - whether it's family members, best friends, role models or community members, creating this world is a fun creative way to practice self-acceptance and feel a sense of belonging.

*This set is also included in the Belonging & Identity Kit.

SEL Competency:

Self-acceptance & Social Awareness

Skills/Practise Area:

Practical diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) 


  • Play guide
  • Wooden peg dolls (4)
  • Fabric swatches (8-10)
  • Embroidery thread hair (2-4 types) or yarn ribbons (4-6)

(Not included: glue, washable pens/markers, needle, scissors)


Your box is as unique as you are!

Our activities are based around various upcycled textiles that differ month to month and even box to box. We often include wooden or metal tools or accessories as well.

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